After more than 28 years of experience (18 years in the Netherlands and more than 10 years in Spain) in advising, designing, building and renovating houses, I am often asked to make an objective & thorough architectural report.

In Spain the term “hidden defects” does not exist and the chance that you buy a money pit is a lot bigger than in the Netherlands. Having your future home examined independently from a building engineer can give you a better understanding of the actual state of the home, what you might ahead when you purchase the home, and / or even help to prevent future problems.

At your request I can also estimate the possible renovation costs.

If you have a house in mind, you can email me all information from the real estate agent, on which I first make a non-binding offer. After I have visited the house, I prepare the report almost immediately and you can decide whether you want to buy your dream house.

Do not hesitate and feel free to contact me for advice and a free quote.

Free quote request

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