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How it all started in The Hague

After working for 2 years in shed construction and 8 years in installation technology, the purchase of an old and somewhat dilapidated house was the go-ahead to start for myself.

Designing kitchens, bathrooms and furniture quickly turned out to be my great passion. And the restoration of my house in The Hague was a dream project in which I could use all my creativity.

Under the Spanish Sun.

Many years and construction projects later, I moved to Spain in May 2007. I longed for more peace, space and nature around me. Because the more space around me the more creative I can become. I found my dream place in the southern Spanish mountains; a dilapidated Finca with a huge piece of land.

I also completely renovated this house myself. It is great to live here in Spain and to work with natural materials.

The Spanish materials are rough; like natural stone, sleepers and coarse door fittings. And that in combination with the precise and fine Moorish handmade tiles.

Every house is simply beautiful, built with a soul and if the soul has been lost over the years, there is nothing more beautiful then to bring that energy back to its full glory. It is my passion to actually make everything I imagine. Functional and unique. My dream projects are the projects I’m already working on, in which my clients leave me completely free. And I would love to be able to continue this endlessly.

Non-Profit Initiatives

In addition to my daily work, I also started two non-profit organizations. About 6 years ago I started the awareness platform Aware Offline for more balance between offline and online life. And about a year ago I started WeLearn an organization that builds schools in Nepal. The first school has now been completed and we are now building a second one, see also the article below that recently appeared in the newspaper.

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