My name is Andrea, I’m 32 years old and live in The Hague. Four years ago I had my house rigorously renovated by “a few males” and I was very disappointed. Stealing and destroying belongings and a slow, ignorant way of working prompted the premature termination of this renovation.

Half a year ago – after this traumatic experience, I can say – I dared to hire someone new again, because my bathroom had to be completed, among other things. Through a mutual acquaintance I ended up at Trailworks. A relief! I have never had such a good feeling with a construction company. Jos is someone you can safely let go.

In addition to his knowledge, experience and reliability, Jos is a creative person with a great sense of style. Especially in an old house (like mine) with its irregularities and often illogical layout, he is the right man. Jos finished my bathroom and did a lot of finishing jobs throughout the house. He listens carefully to your wishes, looks at the situation and comes up with creative solutions that suit you and the house. Jos works quickly and always puts your interests first. Moreover, he inspires to new ideas!

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