We had been planning to replace all electrics for some time. This had never happened in the approximately 70 years that our house is old. The lead water pipes did not suit us either. All this would mean; open ceilings, open walls and open floors. So we would have to hire someone who would make that neatly closed again. Let’s see: hire an electrician, a plumber and a plasterer and then hope that it can all be coordinated. We found this to be too cumbersome. Fortunately we got to know Jos, a real all-rounder. Once we had seen his self-restored (now ex-) home, we knew: we must have him. We can safely say that we have made a very good choice.

Besides the fact that he can do everything, he also thinks about a lot of details. He comes up with the most practical solutions, such as an extra hall for the washing machine and a sink in our case. Jos’ strength lies in restoring the style of a house. Where previously there were no panel doors, there are now. Jos always manages to get some old copies somewhere. What is also very pleasant is the fact that Jos works very neatly and cleanly. We could continue to live at home during the renovation, because he left everything tidy every day. In short: highly recommended!

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