Renovation of a toilet would be a simple job but ours was a real challenge to deal with due to unexpected problems. But trail worker Jos was not going to lose track. Leakage due to broken off old lead pipes in the floor above the toilet ceiling, old pipes with a diameter that no longer existed, etc. etc. First he tackled the leak, that meant installing a new drain for the shower and sink. What a reassurance to discover that he is so versatile and skilled, an all-round professional, who knows how to find a solution for everything. He also really needed that quality here, because quite a few problems came up to the last minute on the fifth day. But the result is impressive, he has done it all. Besides the fact that he is very professional, his strength lies in listening carefully, thinking along and, above all, moving along to find a solution together. In short: Jos is a skilled creative and careful professional.

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